DELIRIO by Alexandra Latishev Salazar

Eleven year old Masha and her mother Elisa move to her demented grandmother´s house, to take care of her. The close environment of the family acts as if Masha's father is dead, something Masha actively denies. There seems to be also a dark secret connected to Elisa´s dead father. When Elisa feels the presence of a threatening person around the house, to protect Masha, she cuts her off from the outside world.

"The story of the women of my family has been crossed by domestic violence. In my childhood, both my grandmother and my mother lived with persecutory delusions that projected on any possible male threat that surrounded us, even if sometimes there was no tangible threat. All my childhood I lived the aftermath of the story of my grandmother and my mother as if there was a ghost that is inherited from one generation to another.
In latest years, the rates of gender violence in Latin America have become more visible and they are alarming. Many women manage to set a limit and take the menace out of their homes, but the ghost remains there. Precisely, with "Delirio" I want to talk about that ghost and the terror of living with it." - ALEXANDRA LATISHEV SALAZAR

Liliana Biamonte – Elisa
Helena Calderón – Masha
Anabelle Ulloa – Dinia
Grettel Méndez – Azucena
Leynar Gómez - Freddy
Alexei Calderón - Padre

Director, Writer: Alexandra Latishev Salazar / Cinematorgrapher: Esteban Chinchilla / Editor: Soledad Salfate / Sound: Nadine Voullième Uteau / Music: Alexandru Catona / Art Director: Dominique Ratton Pérez / Producer: Cynthia García Calvo / Production Company: Linterna Fims (Costa Rica), CYAN prods. (Chile)

Technical Information
Original Title: DELIRIO / shot digital / DCP / color / 1:1.85 / 74 min / 5.1 / original language: Spanish and Russian with English subtitles / Linterna Fims (Costa Rica), CYAN prods. (Chile)