DESTELLO BRAVÍO by Ainhoa Rodrígue

Trailer  Pressbook

"There´ll be a flash in the village, a really mighty, mighty one and everything will change…", Isa uses a cassette recorder to record messages to herself for when she disappears or loses her memory.
Cita feels trapped in a marriage in a house full of saints and virgins. María returns to the town where she was born to face her loneliness. The women of a small rural town, suspended in time and whipped by depopulation, live between the apathy of their daily day where nothing extraordinary happens and a deep desire for liberating experiences that makes them rediscover the place where they believe they were happy or dreamed of being happy.

IFF Rotterdam Tiger (comp.), Ficunam, (comp.), Vilnius FF (Best Director), Moscow IFF, New Directors / New Films, Molodist IFF, Malaga IFF (Silver Biznaga, Best Editing), Shanghai IFF, ShorTS IFF (Best Film), Burgas IFF (Danny Lerner award),  IFF Periferias Valencia (Best International Film), San Sebastian IFF (Premio Dunia Ayaso), Cinespaña (Best Film, Best Cinematography and special mention from the Jury Étudiant Nouveaux Cinéastes), Sao Paulo IFF (comp.), Geneva IFF (comp.), IFF Mannheim Heidelberg (comp.), Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen Tétouan (comp.)  a.o.

"...the composed feature is laced with touches of suspense, rural surrealism, social realism and Almodovar-style humor." – Variety

"Destello bravío, as its name suggests, dazzles with its blinding talent and bears down on us with savage energy. " –
 Jordi Costa

"It is cinema that heals, cinema that transforms, cinema that questions the laziest rules, cinema that has come to revolutionize everything. The film of the year shines and is called, how could it be otherwise, 'Destello bravío'. - El Mundo

"Esoteric realism to find the meaning of rural life" – El Pais

"Weird, fascinating, mysterious film, DESTELLO BRAVÍO has elements from many other films but in reality it is not similar to anything else." – Micropsia Cine

"... a supremely confident and beautifully photographed portrait of a waning Spanish town—and particularly its aging female community—that looks like an Ulrich Seidl documentary, but is generally fictive and approaches the world variously with compassion, sly humor, doses of magical realism, and plenty of unexpected details." – Mubi

"A mighty flash of cinematic invention" – The disapproving Swede

"With her first feature, Ainhoa Rodriguez is one of the most interesting artists in contemporary Spanish cinema." – Magazine HD


Guadalupe Gutiérrez - Cita / Carmen Valverde - Clara / Isabel Mendoza - Isa

Director, writer, production design: Ainhoa Rodríguez / Cinematographer: Willy Jáuregui / Editor: José Luis Picado / Sound: Alejandro Castillo , Eva Valiño / Music: Alejandro Lévar, Paloma Peñarrubia / Producers: Ainhoa Rodríguez, Luís Miñarro, Production Companies: Tentación Cabiria, Eddie Saeta

Technical Information
Original Title: Destillo Bravío / English Title: Mighty Flash / shot in Digital 3k / available for screenings in DCP (24 fps) / color / 16:9 / 98 min / Dolby 5.1 and Dolby 7.1 / original language: Spanish with English subtitles / Spain 2021