EL PRINCIPE by Sebastian Muñoz

Trailer  Pressbook

San Bernardo, Chile, 1970. One drunken night, Jaime, a lonely and narcissistic 20 year-old, stabs his best friend in what seems to have been a fit of passion. Sentenced to prison, he will meet “The Stallion”, an older and respected man in whom Jaime will find protection, revealing a deep need for tenderness and recognition. Behind bars, Jaime will become “The Prince”, learning about love and loyalty with The Stallion in a close relationship of “black love,” as it’s called in jail, all the while facing the violent power struggle inside the prison.

Based on the novel EL PRINCIPE by Mario Cruz.

With Alfredo Castro (THE SUMMIT, LOS PERROS, NARCOS, NO a.o.) in one of the main roles.

Venice – Settimana Internazionalle della Critica (Queer Lion award), Athens IFF, San Sebastian IFF, Busan IFF, Valdivia IFF, Bordeaux IIFF, Chicago IFF, Gender Bender FF, Kolkata IFF,  Festival Llamale, Pelicula Latina Bruxelles, Mix Brasil FF, Film Festival Chéries-Chéris, Habana IFF (Premio Coral for Best Artistic Contribution), Golden Horse Fantastic FF, Merida Y Yucatan FF (Best Feature), Premios Latinos - Best Supporting Role for Alfredo Castro a.o. 

“The Prince will stay with you long after its credits roll, a metallic aftertaste, a weight on the soul. Yes, original films set in prison can still be produced. ” – Film Thread

“Muñoz’s first film is a tango dripping blood and tears” – Il Manifesto

"Dick rinnt das Blut" - Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Brave mélange between Jean Genet and The Prophet by Jacques Audiard” – Quinlan.it

“For his debut behind the camera Sebastian Muñoz flies high” – Sentieri Selvaggi

“In all this powerful masculinity, in the moment of drama, however, one clings to the most tender intimacy, capable of restoring humanity within a tormented place” – Sale della Comunita

“As if out of Foucault and Gene’s scripts and with images of wild and at the same time tender beauty, this year’s Queer Lion presents the microcosm of a prison as a field of integration of homoerotic desire and political consciousness. … fairly won this year´s Queel Lion Award in Venice…” – Flix.gr

“El Principe is sustained in the affective and sexual interaction between his protagonists, in a laborious conception of design and in the convincing interpretations of all the actors”– Roger Koza in REVISTA N – CLARIN 

Juan Carlos Maldonado – El Principe / Alfredo Castro  – El Potro / Gaston Pauls  – El Che Pibe / Sebastián Ayala  – El Abandonado

Director: Sebastián Muñoz / Writer: Luis Barrales,  Sebastián Muñoz / Cinematorgrapher: Enrique Stindt / Editor: Danielle Fillios / Sound: Guido Deniro / Music: Angela Acuña / Art Director: Claudia Gallardo / Producer: Marianne Mayer-Beckh, Roberto Doveris / Production Company: El Otro Film, Niña Niño Films / Co Producers: Nicolás Grosso, Federico Sande Novo, Griselda Gonzales / Co Production Companies: Le Tiro, Be Revolution Pictures

Technical Information
Original Title: El Principe / Shot in Digital 4K / Available for screenings in DCP / Color / Image format: 16:9 / 95 min / Sound format: 5.1 / Original language: Spanish / Subtitles: English / EL Otro Film, Niña Niño Films / Chile, Argentina, Belgium 2019