EL REVENGE by Fernando Fraiha


Caco plans on surprising his girlfriend with a marriage proposal, but instead catches her in the act of cheating on him - worst of all with an Argentinean. Vadão, Caco’s best friend, drags him on a revenge trip from Brazil to Argentina. While Vadão is in high adventure mode, Caco is focused on getting his ex-girlfriend back. But not everything goes as they expect.

Rio International Film Festival, Mostra de São Paulo, Cleveland IFF, Recontre du cinema sud americaine de Marseille (awarded), Brooklyn IFF (Best New Director) a.o.

Felipe Rocha / Daniel Furlan / Leandra Leal

Director: Fernando Fraiha / Co-direction: Jiddu Pinheiro / Scriptwriter: Thiago Dottori, Pedro Aguiera, Fernando Fraiha, Jiddu Pinheiro, Felipe Sant’Angelo / Cinematographer: Gustavo Hadba / Art director: Pablo Maestre Galli / Editor: Danilo Lemos / Production Company: Querosene Filmes / Producer: João Queiroz / Executive Producer: Justine Maita Otondo / Associate Producers: Fernando Meirelles, Bianca Villar, Karen Castanho / Music: Plinio Profeta

Technical Information
Original Title: LA VINGANCA / available for screenings in DCP / color / image format scope / 90 min / original language: Portuguese and Spanish with English subtitles / Brazil, Argentina 2016