FRANKY FIVE STAR by Birgit Möller


Franky has never allowed herself to fall in love because she is too busy dealing with her inner chaos. Her best friend Katja knows her changing moods, but Franky has never revealed to anyone, that she has an old Hotel in her head, inhabited by four weird but lovable characters who can switch into her body in the real world by using the elevator. When she falls for Katja´s new boyfriend things get out of control.
A quirky love-comedy about finding your true self (or more than one).

Max Ophüls Preis (Ecumenical Jury Award), Bremen FF, Achtung Berlin FF, Crossing Europe FF, German FF Australia, Brussels Intl. Fantastic FF (Best European Film)  a.o.

"a fairytale tragicomedy, imaginative, turbulent, fast-paced" - SAARBRÜCKER ZEITUNG

"Characters like an Aki Kaurismäki film, in Wes Anderson colours" - KINO ZEIT

Lena Urzendowsky - Franky / Cino Djavid - Hasi / Meryem Ebru Öz - Katja / Paul Pötsch - Roman / Cecilio Andresen - Lenny / Gerti Drassl - Fraus Franke / Sven Hönig - Frank / Sophie Killer - Ella / Milena Dreissig - Mutter Iris / Jarkko Lahti - Vater Harri / Sarah Hannemann - Palma / Christian Neuhof - Pascal

Director: Birgit Möller / Writer: Knut Mierswe, Birgit Möller / Cinematographer: J-P Passi / Editor: Anna Kappelmann / Sound: Urs Krüger, Ingo Voelker, Tobias Fleig, Tilo Ehmann / Music: Oona Airola und Juhana Lehtiniemi / Art Director: Mona Cathleen Otterbach / Producer: Jamila Wenske
Production Company: Achtung Panda! / Coproduction Company: AAMU FILM COMPANY / Coproducer: Emilia Haukka, Jussi Rantamäki

Technical Information
Original Title: FRANKY FIVE STAR / shot in HD 4K / available for screenings in DCP / color / image 1:1,85 / 114 min / Dolby Atmos/ original language: German, Finnish with English, French, Portuguese (BR) and Spanish subtitles / Production company Achtung Panda! / Germany 2023