FUTURE IS A LONELY PLACE by Martin Hawie, Laura Harwarth

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Frank, a man without a criminal record, attacks a money transporter and then turns himself in to the police. His behavior is a mystery. In prison he meets the unscrupulous and suspicious Arab Fuad, who is protected by his clan. To get closer to Fuad, Frank intervenes in the drug business within the walls and gets caught between the two rival groups of German and Arab inmates. It is only the prison guard Susanna with whom Frank will be able to build a relationship of trust, not knowing that she is part of Fuad’s business and has a sexual relationship with him. However, they come emotionally close.
What only Frank knows is that his wife and his daughter died in a car accident. Fuad was the hit-and-run driver that remained unpunished. Frank seeks revenge.

Shanghai IFF (comp.), Cologne IFF (comp.), IFF Mannheim Heidelberg, Rome Independent FF (awarde), Reims Polar (comp.) a.o.

"Düster, fesselnd, kompromisslos: melancholische Studie im Gewand eines Rachethrillers." IFF Mannheim Heidelberg

Frank: Lucas Gregorowicz / Susanna: Katharina Schüttler / Fuad: Denis Moschitto / Walter: Ronald Kukulies / Miki: Slavko Popadic

Director: Martin Hawie, Laura Harwarth / Writer: Laura Harwarth, Martin Hawie / Cinematorgrapher: Mathias Prause / Editor: Martin Hawie, Laura Harwarth / Sound: Michael Arens / Music: Gregor Keienburg / Art Director: Pierre Pfundt / Producer: Andreas Brauer / Production Company: HUPE Film Fiktion Produktion GmbH /  Co-production Company: ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel

Technical Information
Original Title: Die Zukunft ist ein einsamer Ort / shot in digital (Arri mini.) / 24fps / 2K / cinemascope /  sound 5.1 / 101 min / original language: German with English subtitles / HUPE Film Fiktion Produktion GmbH, Germany 2021