HOLY BIKER by Homero Olivetto


In the drought-devastated Brazilian backlands a band of outlaw bikers led by Pai Nosso, a religious fanatic, is in search of a miracle: the rain-bringing, Golden Saint. One of the bikers is called Ara, an orphan of the drought who was adopted by the gang when he was a child. Ara’s faith is shaken when the group steals the Golden Saint from a violent and powerful local landowner and Pai Nosso is killed. Ara becomes the gang’s leader and in his desperate attempts to make it rain he is faced with difficult choices in the name of his shaken faith. He is now a man who has lost his faith, in search of a miracle.

Tallin Black Nights IFF (Special Mention award), Chennai IFF, Santa Barbara IFF (comp.), Brussels IF of Fantasy Film a.o.

Cauã Reymond / Humberto Martins / Sophie Charlotte / Luisa Arraes / Julio Andrade

Director, Writer: Homero Olivetto / Cinematorgrapher: Marcelo Corpanni / Editor: Manga Campion, Marcio Canella / Sound: Paulo Nunes / Music: Instituto / Art Director: Valdy Lopes / Producer: Kiki Lavigne, Bianca Villar, Karen Castanho, Fernando Fraiha / Production Company: Ouro 21 Produção de Filmes, Biônica Filmes

Technical Information
Original Title: REZA A LENDA / 2K / available for screenings in DCP 24fps/ color / 2.35 / 85 min / 5.1 Dolby Digital / original language: Portuguese with English subtitles / Brazil 2016