OCTOPUS SKIN by Ana Cristina Barragán

Trailer  Pressbook

Iris and Ariel are 17-year-old twins, who live with their mother and older sister in an old house in the middle of a rocky island covered with molluscs and birds. The teenagers have grown up isolated from the mainland, in a sibling relationship that surpasses the limits of normal intimacy. The abrupt absence of their mother deeply wounds the three siblings, and Iris, moved by a strong need of separating herself from her brother, decides to go alone to the city for the first time.

Closing Night of Horizontes Latinos competition in San Sebastian IFF 2022

Friday 23rd at 12:00 Kursaal, 2
Friday 23rd at 19:30 Kursaal, 2 (official premiere - Closing Night Film)
Saturday 24th at 17:15 Antiguo Berri, 8
Saturday 24th at 21:30h Trueba, 1

Isadora Chávez - Iris / Juan Francisco Vinueza - Ariel / Hazel Powell - Lía / Cristina Marchán - Mother / Paulet Arévalo - Nina / Carlos Quinto - Padre

Director, Writer: Ana Cristina Barragán / Cinematorgrapher: Simón Brauer, Tomás Astudillo / Editor: Mayra Morán, Myrto Karra, Ana Cristina Barragán / Sound: Ricardo Arteaga, Adriana Santiago, Pablo Mondragón / Music: Pablo Mondragón / Art Director: Alisarine Ducolomb / Producer: Isabela Parra, Kostantina Stavrianou, Santiago Ortiz-Monasterio, Titus Kreyenberg, Samuel Chauvin/ Executive Producer: Oderay Game / Production Company: Caleidoscopio Cine, Graal Films, Desenlace Films, Unafilm, Promenades Films, Michael Fantauzzi Films.

Technical information
Original title: La Piel Pulpo / shot in Digital Cinema 4k/ available for screenings in unencrypted DCP 24fps/ colour / Aspect ratio 2:1 / 99 min / sound format 5.1 / original language: Spanish with english subtitles / Ecuador, Greece, Germany, Mexico, France, Italy 2022