OCTOPUS SKIN by Ana Cristina Barragán

Trailer  Pressbook

Iris and Ariel are 17-year-old twins, who live with their mother and older sister in an old house in the middle of a rocky island covered with molluscs and birds. The teenagers have grown up isolated from the mainland, in a sibling relationship that surpasses the limits of normal intimacy. The abrupt absence of their mother deeply wounds the three siblings, and Iris, moved by a strong need of separating herself from her brother, decides to go alone to the city for the first time.

San Sebastian IFF (comp), Thessaloniki IFF, Intl & Authorial FF of The Canary Islands (awarded) a.o.

"Haunting images unfold against a backdrop of evocative music" VARIETY

"A reflection on the search for the feminine being" "Barragán sought to show the young woman's sexual awakening in a natural way, far from film clichés." FRANCE24

"La piel pulpo is a precise, meaningful and complex psychological drama that utilizes beautiful cinematography, extraordinary performances (particularly by Juan Francisco Vinueza and Isadora Chávez, who are exceptional in the leading roles) and a series of disquieting but striking moments to tell a multi-layered story of desire, curiosity and the boundaries between society and the natural world." - ICS FILM

Isadora Chávez - Iris / Juan Francisco Vinueza - Ariel / Hazel Powell - Lía / Cristina Marchán - Mother / Paulet Arévalo - Nina / Carlos Quinto - Padre

Director, Writer: Ana Cristina Barragán / Cinematorgrapher: Simón Brauer, Tomás Astudillo / Editor: Mayra Morán, Myrto Karra, Ana Cristina Barragán / Sound: Ricardo Arteaga, Adriana Santiago, Pablo Mondragón / Music: Pablo Mondragón / Art Director: Alisarine Ducolomb / Producer: Isabela Parra, Kostantina Stavrianou, Santiago Ortiz-Monasterio, Titus Kreyenberg, Samuel Chauvin/ Executive Producer: Oderay Game / Production Company: Caleidoscopio Cine, Graal Films, Desenlace Films, Unafilm, Promenades Films, Michael Fantauzzi Films.

Technical information
Original title: La Piel Pulpo / shot in Digital Cinema 4k/ available for screenings in unencrypted DCP 24fps/ colour / Aspect ratio 2:1 / 99 min / sound format 5.1 / original language: Spanish with english subtitles / Ecuador, Greece, Germany, Mexico, France, Italy 2022