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Antonio (20) wanders the streets of Buenos Aires in search of money and sex. The magnetism he exerts on the people who cross his path allows him to steal and cheat them. Only his mother, with whom he has a conflictual relationship, will get over his feeling of impunity and will push him to leave, to embark on his escape to the south.

BAFICI 2024 (Best Film intl. competition, FEISAL award, PELIPLAT award).

"Max Suen captures the complexity and ambiguity of the character with tangible intensity. His adaptability aligns perfectly with the raw, urban energy that permeates the plot. Meanwhile, Sacha Amaral's direction is remarkable in the construction of each scene, meticulously crafted to convey a sense of urgency and authenticity." - Juan Pablo Russo ESCRIBIENDOCINE.COM

"THE PLEASURE IS MINE has a style close to that of certain contemporary French cinema – there are traits of the young Gregoire Colin in Max Suen – and an assumed Fassbinderean side to tell a story of streets, rooms, beds, sex, money and characters that are not necessarily lovable but yes credible."  – Diego Lerer MICROPSIA CINE

"Stripped, powerful and bold" – Diego Battle OTRO CINES

Max Suen - Antonio
Katja Alemann - Viviana
Vladimir Durán - Tino
Sofía Palomino - Lu
Paco Onainty - Paco
Anabella Bacigalupo - Sonia
Julián Larquier Tellarini - Valentín
Luciano Suardi - Max
José Vicente Orozco - José
Belén Datwiller - Isabella
Iair Said - Iair
Ivana Zacharsky - Ramona
Iván Haidar - Amante

Director: Sacha Amaral / Writer: Sacha Amaral / Cinematorgrapher: Pedro Knoll / Editor: Florencia Gómez García, Mauricio Escobar Durán / Sound: Marcos Zoppi, Emiliano Biaiñ / Music: José Vicente Orozco / Art Director: Sol González / Producer: Agustín Gagliardi / Co-producer: Franck Thoraval, Ricardo Galeano, Romain Bent, Eugenia Campos Guevara, Sacha Amaral / Production Company: Gentil Cine

Technical Information
Original Title: EL PLACER ES MIO / shot digitally 4K / available for screenings in DCP 25fps / color / 1:2.35 / 94 min / 5.1 / original language Spanish with English subtitles / gentil, Frank Thoraval, Quadrophenia films, Protest Studios / Argentina, France, Brazil 2024