NOTES ON A SUMMER by Diego Llorente
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Marta´s life in Madrid balances between an academic career and her relationship with Leo. During summer vacations back home she meets again her old flame to add more confusion in her emotional world. In a lazy summery mood, a film about lust, love and decisions to be made (or not).

"Notes on a summer, the dazzling prodigy signed by the Asturian Diego Llorente, an essentially clear and diaphanous film that yearns for transparency with a stubborn will. A bright film. A true discovery in the quiet making of a filmmaker who, without a doubt, deserves more" - Luis Martinez EL MUNDO

"Carried by Katia Borlado’s naturalistic performance in her first lead role, the film’s sumptuous sensuality and contained drama will do just enough to sustain tension for its relatively short runtime, and show that Llorente in his third feature-length film has control over his craft and material." - Marc van der Klashorst ICS

IFF Rotterdam – Tiger competition
30 Jan 12:45 de Doelen Willem Burger Zaal (Press & Industry)
31 Jan 20:30 Pathé 5 (World premiere)
01 Feb 13:30 Pathé 5
02 Feb 16:15 Cinerama 1
03 Feb 09:15 de Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal

EFM - Market screening
16 Feb 12:40 CinemaxX 14

Katia Borlado - Marta
Antonio Araque - Leo
Álvaro Quintana - Pablo
Rocío Suárez - Elena

Director: Diego Llorente / Writer: Diego Llorente / Cinematorgrapher: Adrián Hernández / Editor: Diego Llorente / Sound: José Luis Toral / Art Director: Inés F.Argüelles / Producer: Diego Llorente, Rubén G. Revilla / Production Company: Failo Cine, Báltico

Technical Information
Original title: Notas sobre un verano / shot digital / available for screenings in DCP / Color / Image format: 1:1.66 / 83 min / Sound format: 5.1 / Original language: Spanish with english subtitles / Production companies: Failo Cine, Báltico / Spain 2023